Keepers of the Culture

Antiquities Trading is serious business.  For this reason, it is best left in competent hands, with individuals who have the industry knowledge and the experience to make things work out successfully.  As keepers of the culture, we at Sadigh Gallery are aware that what we have in our collection is a huge testament to the world’s history, if not history itself.



Sadigh Gallery has been around since 1978.  At the time, it was a simple art gallery owned and operated by only one man, Michael Sadigh.  When it eventually grew, Michael Sadigh moved his simple enterprise to Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in 1982, where it remains even stronger to this day.  As a family-owned art gallery, it specializes in ancient artifacts and coins from around the world.




What defines our work is the effort we put into ensuring the authenticity of the artifacts we have before putting them up for sale to the public.  Our collection has become popular because of its vastness, with a wide offering of jewelry, ancient coins, and other types of artifacts under our care.  These items do not escape our scrutiny before we send them off to their new owners.  Seeing that these pieces are cultural art from all over the world, and from a number of specific time periods, we have the necessary documentation for each artifact that comes out of our gallery.


The Sadigh Gallery: An Experience Like No Other


  • Offers a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity and other necessary documentations


  • Presents a vast collection of attractive pieces from world-renowned historical sites


  • Industry knowledge on the historical value of artifacts


  • Offers top tier customer service, with a commitment to educate customers on products and offerings


  • Shares expertise on how to spot fake or illegitimate artifacts from other vendors


  • Showcases ancient art’s beauty by using a museum -style virtual tour


  • Provides secure packing to ensure safe delivery of precious artifacts


Sadigh Gallery has been able to survive the past decades because of a standard that goes above and beyond what other galleries settle for.  We have a loyal base of clients who have been with us for twenty years or more, which makes it quite easy for new collectors to entrust their collection journey with us.  We are passionate about sourcing out genuine pieces from the proper places, because we recognize that our customers want to be keepers of the culture themselves.