Sadigh Gallery: About Us

Sadigh Gallery has proudly offered the best in ancient coins and artifacts from across the globe for three decades. The gallery started out as a tiny mail order company in 1978, with a single man by the name of Michael Sadigh operating it. However, after achieving a high level of success, the gallery moved in 1982 to its current location: 303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1603, in New York City.

Since moving to Fifth Avenue, Sadigh Gallery has made a huge name for itself not only in the Big Apple and around the United States but also around the world. Our main focus? Offering top-notch yet affordable ancient antiquities, coupled with down-to-earth, friendly service.

We pride ourselves on being a family-owned operation — one that enjoys interacting intimately with customers from across the globe. In fact, a good number of our gallery‚Äôs customers have worked with us for a decade to two decades, so we consider them as more than simply our customers and business partners: We view them as our faithful friends.

No matter where you live, you can rest assured that when you inquire about one of our products or purchase an item from us, you will receive the type of service you have come to expect from your local-neighborhood shop: personal service that puts you, the customer, first. Your satisfaction is what matters the most to us every time.

In addition, you can be confident that any item you purchase from us is authentic — guaranteed. We even issue our Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every product purchased. Our gallery also provides quality packing to make sure that your item is delivered to you intact. We additionally offer a convenient return privilege: You can return an artifact for any reason and receive a complete refund.

Contact Sadigh Gallery with any questions, comments, or concerns you have about our merchandise today!