Sadigh Gallery: Gods & Goddesses in the Ancient World

At Sadigh Gallery, we are known for offering artifacts from a wide range of cultures, ranging from Egypt to Greece. However, we stand out in the ancient artifact industry for offering not only high-quality merchandise but also helpful information about the cultures associated with our artifacts. An especially important aspect of these cultures is religion, with many ancient cultures — such as Greece — being polytheistic, meaning they worshipped multiple gods. Here is a glimpse at the gods and goddesses of the Greek ancient world, which gave birth to many of our artifacts.

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Zeus: He is deemed the king of the Mount Olympus gods, as well as the thunder god.
Poseidon: He is the sea god.
Hestia: Although she is not well known, she is Zeus’s sister and the heart goddess.
Demeter: He is the harvest god and also Persephone’s mother.
Artemis: She is the hunting, childbirth, and moon goddess. She is also Apollo’s sister and is a versatile Olympian.
Ares: He is the war god.
Haephestos: He is the forge god. Haephestos is crippled since Zeus threw him down from Mount Olympus. He is also Aphrodite’s husband.
Persephone: After consuming three pomegranate seeds, Persephone must spend three months in Hades every year. These three months are called winter.
Eros: He is the love god. Eros causes people to stumble into love by shooting them with magical arrows.
Hera: This is Zeus’s wife, also known as the fertility goddess.
Hades: This is the underworld god.
Chronos: This is the Titans’ leader and the Olympians’ father. He ended up consuming all of his children besides Zeus, who managed to kill him.
Apollo: This is the art, music, and sun god. He is known for being among the most versatile of the Greek gods.
Aphrodite: She is Eros’s mother and the love goddess. In the ancient Roman world, she is known as Cupid.
Athena: Known as the wisdom goddess, Athena sprang from the head of Zeus. Athens in Greece is named after her.

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